Interoception: A Game
Improving overall health and interoceptive sense through a game of physical activity, reflection and mind-body connection
I worked with an Occupational Therapist, Natalia Mendes, to develop a game to help us improve our ability to stay in touch with our bodies and improve our mental health.
“Interoception or Interoceptive Awareness is the sense that provides information about what’s going on inside your body.”(Dr. Kelly Mahler OTD, OTR/L). 
It’s when your brain tells you “My stomach is empty and hungry” or “I’m hangry (angry because I’m hungry)” or how you answer the question - How do you feel?
User Testing
“When I did the second round I was kind of forced to check-in with how I am really feeling. I realised I am actually restless and thirsty which I was not really aware of before. This was a really personal insight which made me go “Ohhh” because I was able to see how this manifests in my body and by noticing that I became aware of feeling restless and thirsty... Once I was told I didn’t have to use the words in the cards I felt liberated to make up my own words which was actually more helpful to making the connection... 
The game made me finally ask “Why do I feel like this?” 
- Participant, Aged 32
The game
BOARD: Denotes 15 parts of the body
CARDS: Activity Cards drawn from a pack specific to the part of the body & Feeling Cards which are placed on the board next to the corresponding body part
ROUNDS: The first round is structured so the user explores at least 9 parts of the body. The user can subsequently choose from a list of variation rounds
Helping the user record the experience and create memory around the senses and emotions identified.

The Board